Saturday, May 19, 2012

Singapore 2/2

We didn't exactly stick to the itinerary I made - it was more a guide than anything else, anyway, and perks here and there (what with meeting fellow Filipinos in Singapore) popped up every other time. On our second day, we spent half of that very hot Wednesday in Universal Studios, rediscovering our childhood, taking pictures with the awesome mascots and riding rides that made me woozy. The other half was spent appreciating Marina Bay Sands yet again.

The ride back from Sentosa to the mainland was supposed to be via cable car, but the shoes I wore hurt my heels and you had to climb up the hilltop to be able to ride it, which obviously wasn't an option with my aching feet.  So back we went via Sentosa Express, and once we got back to VivoCity I got myself cheap slippers from Daiso (there's a Daiso there! Unbelievable!) and saved myself from what would otherwise have been a crappy evening. Toast Box made everything better, too, and I'm just so ecstatic that there's a new branch here in Manila nearby! Kaya toast and milk tea for the win!

Upon reaching Marina Bay Sands the second time, the lady concierge or whatchamacallit in the lobby of the hotel was this really nice Pinay, and she was so kind as to give us a chance to go up to the deck of the hotel (YES, that ship sitting atop three towers) free of charge. Normally, it costs about S$20 to simply visit that part of Marina Bay Sands, but I think you can still go if you've got intentions of dining at the Chocolate Bar. (It's about S$40 per head for that, but it seems pretty worth it if you're a fancy chocolate lover.)

All these last pictures in this post are courtesy of her and her utmost hospitality. Teehee. :) 

Visiting Singapore: 
The Peninsula Excelsior Plaza is located near St. Andrew's Cathedral, Bugis Market and Raffles City, closest to SMRT Station City Hall (NS25/EW13).
Avail of the SIA Hop-on Hop-off Bus to tour the city as conveniently as you can.

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