Saturday, May 26, 2012

When You Move Like a Jellyfish

Joseph finally brought me to Manila Ocean Park today after about a year or so of badgering him to do so. Yay for this getting crossed off my bucket list! :) If there was any regret, it was leaving Duccio behind because I was too lazy to lug him around in my bag.

I initially planned on generalizing one post for this visit, but ah, I decided instead to focus on the jellyfish exhibit. If there's anything to see there and to go back for, it would have to be the jellyfish. Simply put, they were beautiful - translucent and forever floating, floating, floating... 


  1. Your web looks absolutely gorgeous. I was thinking to follow each other. Tell me what you think :X


    1. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by, Ioana-Carmen! :) You've got such a lovely sense of style!


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