Friday, May 11, 2012

Singapore 1/2

Back from Singapore, lah!
Suffice it to say that it was wonderful.

Tree-lined highways!
The view from our hotel room!
Laksa in Chinatown!
And another delicious soup-based meal!
Souvenir shopping in Chinatown!
The Helix Bridge, which, unfortunately, I have no proper picture with. :(
Lights show in Suntec Plaza Fountain.
The Art Science Museum.

It doesn't take much for me to fall in love with a city. All it needs, really, is a beautiful transport system anyone can understand. And Singapore, so far, has the best I've seen. 

People who've been to the Garden City say there's not much to do there, and while I agree at times, I'm sure I'll go back, if only for that wonderful SMRT, the cleanliness, the discipline, the shopping - all those wonderful things just barely over three hours away from Manila! 


  1. Laksa, Hor-fun, Mee Pok...I think I can spend the whole year trying out all their dishes in hawker centers. Funny thing is, I always think about how cheap their food are. 3 SGD per meal at a minimum, 3 SGD for drinks. A total of 6 SGD. Not bad, wait...that's like 180 PHP! I try not to convert SGD to PHP when in Singapore. Takes out the fun. Great photos btw.

    1. Haha! Cardinal rule when you're abroad: never convert! It'll only ruin the trip :)) I do love the food in SG! And the MRT, oh the MRT!

      Thanks for the dropping by!

  2. Hi Carla. I was wondering how you add two photos together side by side. I don't know how to place the partition in the center. Would you mind making a tutorial of some sort on how you did that or how you post-process your digital photos?

    Thanks a bunch! :D

    1. I do it via Photoshop. :) I basically just make an entirely new file with two photos. And then I put a space in between them by either filling a selection white, or by distancing the photos by a couple of pixels so that they're apart. :)

      As for my digital photos, sometimes I just edit through my camera's program, or I play with the curves on Photoshop. :) Check out to learn how to play with curves! Hihi.

      But yes, I'll try making one soon if I've got the time. :)

    2. You can try post editing your photos through Picmonkey.


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