Saturday, May 5, 2012

The SG Itinerary

It's a couple of days away, and for the past month I've been coming up with the official itinerary for my trip to Singapore with my parents. I've researched, surveyed, printed out useful maps and jotted down useful notes for our three-day trip to the Garden City. In the excitement, I even came up with fun image and colour heavy itineraries:

We decided to forego the zoos and nature parks besides the Botanical Garden for now, and instead chose to be all tourist-y for our first trip to Singapore. And in my OC-ness that only truly appears in planning trips and dinners once I'm invested (I only wished that this trait of mine appeared consistently in college! Le sigh.), I've pasted all sorts of things onto the pages of this notebook designed by a friend, took note of those 'hawker centers' in the city, and wrote down cheap shopping places.

Three more days! If you've got suggestions on where to go and what to do in SG, do tell me! ;)


  1. You my dear, are BORED.

    Hahaha my sister has her own notebook like that (less the pictures).

    btw are you going to be in NAIA T3? regardless of plane hahaha

    1. HAHAHAHA. When you're invested, you're invested. =))

      Nope, I think we're NAIA 1 for tomorrow. SG Airlines eh. :D

  2. Cute ng notebook mo! :D I'm doing a "travel journal" myself for my Indonesia trip, so yeah excited!!!

    Have fun in SG! :)

    1. HAHA! Thanks thanks. It's so much fun to make one! It builds up the excitement, I think. :))

      Have fun in Indonesia!!! :D


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