Thursday, February 9, 2012

Old Boracay

This is just a break from the craziness of thesis. Things are about to roll next week, and I'm dead scared and anxious of what the future holds for me this time next week.

AAAANYWAY, despite the fact that I shouldn't be thinking of happy things like summer in such hectic times, I thought I'd share some photos of old Boracay today from Manila Old Timer and contemplate on how different it is today. It makes one wonder how man can so easily destroy manipulate the raw and quiet beauty of Mother Nature. Oh, if only Boracay still looked this pristine!


I dream of basking in the summer sun, and I hope everything goes well soon so that I don't feel guilty anymore of dreaming of all things pretty. God knows how tense I've been for the past eight months. :P


  1. Such pristine pictures. I love that we have beautiful beaches (the kind people dream about) in our country.

  2. wow - how I wish I've been to boracay in that day that those photos where taken.

    1. Me too! These pictures suddenly make you wonder just how much has changed. :( Hopefully what happened to Boracay doesn't happen to our other beaches!


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