Monday, January 23, 2012

The Dream Fulfilled

A rather bad headache and aching limbs came by to visit me today, and basically foiled any of my plans to finish what work I had lined up for the day. *sigh* I was in bed for three quarters of the day, and was scared to have it lead eventually to a fever (I was already heating up earlier and had no appetite for either breakfast or lunch!). Thankfully enough, after a good rest and paracetamol, I was able to function more or less normally after 4PM! Still, though, I'm crossing my fingers that the headache lifts by tomorrow and my limbs are back to normal, because I cannot afford to get sick this week!

AAAAANYWAY. Just to lighten the mood:

...HAHAHAHAHA, some low-res (later on edited some more) pictures of my creative picture in the yearbook. You cannot believe how incredibly happy I am that I got to do this. (Do not mind the rather blank expressions I have on my face. I am no ideal model!)

I've been a solid Potterhead since the age of eight, and I am bursting with pride to say that it felt like I grew up with Harry. The eleven-year-old Carla who cried after waking up from an almost real dream of getting the acceptance letter to Hogwarts is extremely pleased, and the tweener, fanfiction writer and fangirl in me are all equally excited about this as well. SO HAPPY. :D HAHAHAHA. Thanks to my friend Mariel who pushed me to do this instead of some in-motion jump shot I was initially planning to do! :')

When I was six, he was eleven
I learnt how to be brave.

When I was seven, he was twelve
I learnt to misbehave.

When I was eight, he was thirteen
He taught me how to cry.

When I was nine, he was fourteen
He showed me how to try.

When I was twelve, and he fifteen
He taught me to forgive.

When we were fourteen and sixteen
I learnt what it was to live.

When we were fifteen and seventeen
He showed me he could bleed.

But growing up with Harry taught me, mostly, how to read.
Rhiannon D., age 16, Australia


  1. You are so amazing! :) I envy you for having such great pictures! I love Harry Potter toooo! :)

    great poem! :D relate! :D

    1. Thanks very much! Haha! :) I personally want to thank the photographer man who helped me out with my gestures :))

  2. Carla how cool are your pics in Harry Potter sure you were the only one in your yearbook!

    Love the poem by Rhiannon D.....
    I hope you are fully recovered and feeling much better and if not get well soon.
    Carla x

  3. These pictures are amazing!!!

  4. Oh I love those photos! Harry Potter is great :)

  5. Hahaha. I LOVE those HP photos! I want some of myself!


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