Friday, February 17, 2012


I PASSED! Yesterday was my thesis defense, and until today it's still very surreal.

Honest to goodness, the whole twenty-four hours before yesterday were crazy and filled with me wanting to gag and vomit every so often. But yay! God was good, and I asked Him to help me and give me the words to say. He'd also been very kind and only gave me three panelists to deal with instead of five, all of whom I had the pleasure of already encountering in the past and are generally some of the most awesome professors in the college. So, YAY. Rest of my life, here I come! Well, at least until after I pass my book and get one more major over with this semester. Sunflowers shall bloom for me and my batchmates this March, and I am just so happy that the one thing that has haunted us for the last eight months has finally come to an almost-end. :)

As such, a celebratory photo post is in order, depicting snippets of the last month and a half as I trolled through thesis production.

WASHI TAPE! One item off my wishlist has been crossed out thanks to Joseph. :)
Buy some for yourself from Hey Kessy or Posh Tykes
The afternoon sun cast shadows on my drafting table when it was still empty. Now it's basically a mess!

Caddy dropped by one weekend to have me take photos of her red velvet cupcakes.
As a thank you, she gave me this pretty note and a bar of chocolate! :)
Thanks, dear! Like her FB page now!

I washi-ed my official second semester thesis notebook. :D
Joseph came by on two weekends. He was such a stress reliever! :) I shall now steal his Recesky camera and take pics!
One messy corner of my work room. Piles and piles of books and random things are all over the place,
and I shall have everything spic-and-span by next week, methinks!
Mariel and Dudes came by one Saturday evening to drop off some cookies they made! YAY for all-nighter snacks!
The official caffeine drink for the last two months besides CBTL's tea lattes was Serenitea's Passionfruit Green Tea.
25% sugar, with aloe vera. Yumyumyum!
The everyday view as I trolled through afternoons in front of the computer. 
Elmer's Glue, a PHP600+ printed sheet of my perspectives, padline boards and double-sided tape.
The official desk!

My parents helped out in making my model. My dad cut out the site, and my mom helped build the buildings. YAY! 
All I'm looking forward to now is this weekend's Travel Expo, my June trip with two close friends, taking photos on the MassComm field in school with balloons and colorful dresses, wearing the sablay, and enjoying the rest of what is left. YAY! :)



  2. SUPER DUPER PROUD OF YOU!!!! After those 5 (witnessing 4) years of cardboard models, methodology shiz, autocads, and watercolor markers! I sort of wished we graduated at the same time so that I witnessed your last year in school! And we can go stress sabay :))

    CONGRATS!! And enjoy your well-deserved freedom!


  3. congratulations carla! :) best thesis? :)


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