Friday, December 2, 2011


"Concentrating" on thesis. Hihihi.
(she's the loveliest, nicest, sweetest one I've met!) and her baby is Perla. I think.
My first time seeing a baby purebreed shihtzu, and she was so TINY and cute and was so young that
she was still walking lopsidedly and trailing after mommy!
DADDY! He's Pepe. :)
My nephew! We don't see him often, which is why he's still so wary when we carry him.
Otherwise, he's a baby who loves to smile! And so guapo!
Three year old LJ. She's adorable and can make my nephew laugh! 
A recent purchase from Patrick Lovebird / Pink Pum Shop. :3 Fufufu.
The perfect thesis shirt from Bouteeque. Huhuhuhuhu. 
Just another awesome Friday. Right after my mom picked me up from the north, we stopped by at home to drop off my stuff before visiting my Lolo. I got to see the stuff I ordered (YEHEEEEEEY, awesome necklaces and the awesome chill casual Batman shirt), I saw my Lolo after so long (he lives in the US, and has come home for good), I attempted to play with my nephew, and I SAW THE CUTEST BABY SHIHTZU. Fufufufufu. I wanted to steal her and sneak her out of the house in my bag. I couldn't catch quite the good picture of her because she was so hyper and kept following her mommy. But, ah, well. I shall play with her more next time! :3


  1. Aaaah can I have the t-shirt that says Keep Calm and Call Batman? Puhleasssse.... :) Just Kidding! Thanks for following me on twitter. Followed back! Maybe we should follow our blogs too. That would be great!

    xo Cherry

  2. Hi Cherry! Go go buy one na! I had an awesome day wearing it yesterday, pero I'm sure kasi mas fun kung suotin ko to school. :D They actually also have awesome keep-calm-and-carry-on shirts :D

    I heart your blog too! You post lovely photos. :)


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