Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snail Mail Roses.

Roses are surprisingly still very effective. I always thought they were cliche, but... heh. :"> 

Joseph asked me to choose which bouquet I liked best in Island Rose's collection, and he sent me two dozen today of these pink and lavender roses. The deliveryman asked if it was my birthday or something, and when I said it wasn't, he smirked in an all-knowing way and said it was probably an early Christmas gift for me. I grinned and thanked him. 

He isn't going to read this unless I force him to, but ehhhh. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu, Joseph. You made this Saturday awesome - from the moment the lovely flowers arrived, to the moment that you came to bring me out and treat me to a wonderful (albeit expensive) dinner. (Thanks to Mariel and Dudes too, hihi - we dropped by rather spontaneously on your cozy evening together, but at least we all got to play Monopoly Deal!) I sort of feel bad that I had to take a day off from thesis work, but I do think today's activities were all worth it!

Fireworks came up just outside the restaurant. He said he had them prepared for me. Fufufufu. 

I can spam this post with twenty or so more shots of the pretty roses, but I won't. :"> When they finally dry out and I can press them in between books or something, I at least have these wonderful photographs of their prettiness. That last photo doesn't even really jive with the theme of this post, but ah, well, it keeps me grounded - there's so much to do and I'm two or so buildings behind schedule already. But since I did stay up until four thirty in the morning today (Saturday) and woke up after six hours of sleep, I'm going to say it's justified that I sleep before midnight tonight.

So, goodnight, world. May your slumber be as pink and rosy as mine will be. ;)


  1. I love your blog, it's beautiful and unique! You really inspire me to improve my own blog as I am a brand new blogger. It would be amazing if you could check it out and follow me if you have the time :)
    I'm following you, keep up your hardwork!!
    Belle xx -

  2. Roses are always classic, like the basic black dress or traditional roses. One can never go wrong with it. :) and you can say a guy is a keeper if he gives importance to age old traditions and gestures because these days, people tend to go the easy way. :)

    What JDG did was romantic, albeit you knowing in advance that he's going to give it to you. I approve!!! :)

  3. @Belle: Hi there, dear! Thanks very much for the lovely words. :) Checked your blog out! Awesome! :)

    @Merri: Teehee. You found yourself in my blog again. ;)


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