Monday, November 28, 2011

Just a photo-post.

From my good friend Carissa. THANK YOU!
Btw, did you know she's selling goodies this Christmas?
Nomnomnom endorphins *_*
This is just to plug my favorite weekend aqua flats from Ziggy and Zooey. ;)
The parol is up!
Lonely time at the dorm. Today wasn't the best, and to think it's only the beginning of the week. *sigh*

Just a quick photo post of yesterday and today. Yup, multitasking blogging with watching the 6:30PM local news, which I now do regularly (*GAH* growing up and growing old, because I look forward to the news now) each night, and which I consider my break from working. Hmmmm. I hope this week goes unbelievably well and my spirits are high for next week.


  1. parol! nothing says christmas quite like the parol :) hope your week goes well!


  2. That chocolate looks delicious :))

    I really love your blog. Followed!

  3. @Reg: Hi there! So true about the parol! :) Thanks very much!

    @Alysha: It is! Too bad I didn't get to bring it with me here in the dorm. But oh, well! Going home today, yay! It's awesome chocolate! Thanks very much, Alysha! Hihi. ;)

  4. You truly have an amazing blog here.

    By the way love those flats they go very well with your skin.


  5. Thanks very much, Sara! :) Heee, I'm flattered you think so. :)


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