Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just the crazy past week.

Thesis submission's finally over and done with, at least for this part of the semester. (The above pictures are the perspectives I did for the submission. YAY Photoshop and Kerkythea! And yes, I'm doing a zoo.) That was one crazy weekend, and as always, I wish I could have done better. Here's to hoping for a confident and encouraging 'go' from our thesis faculty, that they may be feeling the Christmas spirit and bestow upon all of us thesis students a definite yes to proceeding to the next step! 

Apart from that, I finally got my pretty notebook from Tabula Rasa. My friend Eandra along with her other friend started selling a new line of notebooks specially made to inspire and encourage us design students with quotes from famous creative people.

Excuse the graininess as I only took these with my camera phone!
Reasons for purchasing? For one, I love and collect notebooks. For another, they're blank! The pages are soft and cream-colored, and I like that the size I ordered is almost half the size of an A4 sheet of paper. While I already have my official thesis schematics notebook, I'm saving this one for the new year. :) I adore the butterfly wing on the cover and the fact that the quote is quite the spirit-mover. :)


  1. Awesome perspectives and notebook!

  2. Hey, Elise! Thanks! Hihi. :"> Go get one of these awesome notebooks soon! I think they ran out of their November collection, but I do believe they're launching a new collection for next year.

  3. I envy your photoshop and design could bottle them up and sell them. You'll be set for life with that D:

  4. FEH, Merri! Galing mo rin kaya! 1000000X better than me. I get by with photoshop. Ikaw sketchup! :))


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