Friday, November 25, 2011

Final Sneak Peek before the Giveaway!

Tomorrow's the giveaway! YAY. :) Stay tuned tonight/tomorrow, 12:00AM EST, as I shall try posting the giveaway blog entry then! I've taken pictures of all the items to be given away, and I'm absolutely excited to complete writing the post! (Yes, this is what I do when I take a break from thesis on Fridays. Heh. And it's so obvious how excited I am for this.)

Today three lovely packages came in from Izzo Shop, Christine Angela and Fashion Details. The sun wasn't all that great and the sky was basically gray, so pardon me for the rather dull pictures!

Izzo Shop is one of my favorite bag stores online.
One of their camera bags is now the new home of Duccio. ;)
Another is my favorite school bag!
And I couldn't help but love the awesome business card design they have! 
She dropped off three awesome items to give away. *_* I only wish I could keep one of them!
Thank you, dear! I apologize for being so kulit, haha! :)
Christine sent me this lovely packaged item! What could be in it, I wonder...
Check out her stuff! It's all lovely and colorful. :D
Thanks very much, dear! ;)
And this lovely purple piece came from Chin. ;) 
So lovely and so perfect for the cold weather we'll be having this December!
Thanks very much, dear!

So this is the last giveaway sneak peek, obviously.  I really, really love the sponsors! They're all so awesome, and I know I say that at the end of every sneak peek post, but it's true-la-looooooo. :) See the other sneak peeks here, here and here. See you all later/tomorrow! :)


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