Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Things in the Mail Part II

More stuff for the giveaway arrived this week in snail mail from three awesome stores: Nikita Accessories, The Fab Grab and The Clothes Basket! I am so in love with the items they sent me that I wish I could just keep them all for myself, hihi. But of course I won't do that. :D 

Nike's as sweet as her accessories! She included this short note in her enveloped package, which contained the cutest crochet accessories I've seen.
Her calling card and flyer! 
The sneak peek, hihi. If I were evil, I'd stash this away for myself. But alas, the cute colors must be shared!
This was a teeny surprise she included in the package for me! It's so adorable!
I think I'm going to wear it everywhere now, especially since it'll match everything. YAY! Thank you, Nike! ;)
The second package I opened came from Rorie of Clothes Basket. Guess what? This awesome soft tote is part of the giveaway!
YAY! Thank you, Rorie! 
Look at all those textures, prints and details. :) I guarantee their softness and prettiness in person.
And this came all the way from Cebu, thanks to Malou of The Fab Grab! Her packaging was so neat and pretty, I didn't want to open them for fear of destroying the organized prettiness. :)
Teehee, for the dainty lady. ;) Thank you, Malou!

And yesterday, Daphne of FBTL Manila e-mailed me something awesome! Hihi! :">

Obviously not the real thing, but you get the idea. GCs! Woohooooooo.
Ah, I love giveaways. You meet all sorts of people, and they turn out to be the awesome-est! It's like I've gained new friends or something, and it makes me cheery. YAY! :) Thank you, Nike, Rorie, Malou and Daphne! I'm so excited for next Saturday!


  1. COOLNESS! pwede bang i-giveaway mo nalang yan to your loving friends. *nudge*nudge*wink*wink*

  2. @Reg: Haha! Sorreh. No can do. But HIHI, I have your Christmas gifts nuh! :D

  3. I'm excited, too. Wanna join your giveaway, so update me when it's up. :)

    Join mine, too, please if you haven't yet:

  4. Will do! Haha! And yes! I've joined your giveaway, teehee :-) I hope I win, OMG! I haven't won in any giveaway yet hihi *crosses fingers*


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