Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beginnings of Christmas

Christmas decorations are slowly but surely adorning the house, and today I began wrapping the tree with last year's lights. I ran out of still-working strands from last year, and had to abandon continuing decorating it further. *sigh* That and while I was supposed to go out and work on my thesis in some coffee shop, I didn't - mostly because my mom suggested just doing that on Monday (and she didn't trust me with the car just yet to drive on my own) and my brother didn't want to drive me. :( Huhu. 

The cute belen is back! Hihi. I love that they're all so round.
YAY! Christmas prezzies for the girlfriends (college and high school). Yeah, decided to go practical this year and give out hand sanitizer. Order 15 pieces from One Beverly Shop for only PHP495!
My work table. And yes, that's The Hunger Games beside my laptop, because I flipped through it again today.
Sketchup-ing the thesis model. HUHUHU. 
Untangling the lights 
Reflections of the pretty lights off the window. :">
I'm feeling the Christmas spirit already, YAY! While the holidays aren't the same anymore and some of my favorite relatives are moving and have moved to greener pastures, or are deceased or something, I can't help but love this season so much. I think it's my favorite, if only for the awesome memories it has given me in the past twenty years. :) 


  1. youre taking up arch? i took up LArch in upd! hihi wala lang :p

  2. @Nike:OMG! Yes, I'm taking up Arch! In UPD! :D How cool! Anong batch?

  3. haha soooo nag-abot tayo! i just finished last AY. small world. nice to meet you haha! :))

  4. OMGGGG! AWESOME. Small world! :)) Hellooooo!

  5. I can't wait till Christmas! Already driving the other half mad with happy jigs and skips about Christmas! :) xxx

  6. Haha! Yay! :D I find it amusing how happy your comment is :))

    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. I love this post! Makes me want to put up our Christmas tree and some lights all over the house now...

    I hope we could follow each other on GFC. Visit my blog...

  8. @Cherry: Hi, Cherry! Thanks for visiting! :) So true! I didn't finish it, though, because we ran out of lights and my mom only got extra ones the week later, so I got tamad na. *hay*

    Will visit your blog! Thanks!

  9. hi carla!

    I came across your blog as I was looking through Plethora's (Christine's) blog. I love your blog! Your photos are soooo good! Following you now. :-)
    and I agree with Cherry's comment above! This post makes me want to put up Christmas lights already!

    BTW, do you go to UP? :)


  10. Hi, Farrah! :)

    Aww, thank you! I'm glad you like my blog AND my photos *flattered* Hihi. :3

    Yes, I do! I suppose you do too! Chem Eng? Just checked your blog!

    Thank you very much for dropping by and following me!


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