Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip Down A Polly Pocket Memory Lane

The whole morning today was spent on rummaging through all the closets of the rooms in our house, cleaning them out for the garage sale. My mom's hyped and swears she'll never have one again in the near future, because the logistics of a garage sale is C-R-A-Z-Y. The house is basically a mess at the moment, and we're not even done pricing and completely leaving the closets clean. But it's break time for now, and I wanted to share these awesome pictures...

...Because I found my Polly Pockets! YAY. 

I don't know about you, but Polly Pocket (and I'm talking about the teeny pocket-sized ones, not the ones they've been marketing recently that are humongous) was an integral part of my childhood. In short, they were the best toys a girl at the time could have, apart from the Sky Dancers. 

I had a beauty kit, a school with stamps, a nursery with stamps, a storybook that lit up, a drive-thru with a car, a garden party, a safari, a stable (although I think this was a faker), and three houses.
Got them out of the closet while sorting through stuff to sell for the garage sale this Saturday. Suffice it to say that these are not for sale! :D
This was my first ever Polly Pocket. I find it funny now that my thesis is on a zoo! What a coincidence!
This was my favorite, I think. It was a storybook of under-the-sea adventures, and the best part was that it lit up when you put batteries in. This one had a dolphin, a sunken ship, mermaids and an octopus!
The garden party themed Polly Pocket!

It's not like I'll be playing with them the whole day like before, but the sentimental value's still there, and who are we kidding - I took care of these toys and there's not a mark of dust on them. Hihi. They're going back to the closet, but I'm sure I'll pull them out again someday.

Meanwhile, it's lunch break for me, Mom and Manang Weng, and I'm waiting for the hot dogs to cook. The pile of saleable items is in front of me as I type, and the pile is sure to multiply in the next few hours of the afternoon.

The rest of the mess is in the rooms waiting to be cleaned and placed here.
Crazy mess that spans from the dining room to the sala.
SHEEEEESH. Garage sales. *phew*


  1. Oh my gosh! We have the same polly pocket sets! I have the zoo one and that one that looks like a pencil case but is a house! :) I also have this lily pad thing that you can open up and it's like a scene from a fairy tale story. Haha I love Polly Pockets! I had the Sky Dancers too, aside from Barbies of course. Awesome stuff! :) Makes me wonder where mine are. I also don't like the bigger Polly Pockets they sell now. :( What made Polly Pocket unique was the fact that they were tiny and well, "pocket-friendly" :(

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  2. Hi, Megann!

    HAHA! :) These classic ones are the best. They don't make toys the way they did in our time, which kind of makes me sad for the kids these days.

  3. Polly pocket was my best friend too back in the day. Too bad my mom already gave mine away :(

    And yes, it sucks that they market the big ones now, the Pocket appeal has now lost its once unparalled luster..

  4. I never had any of those but I loved Polly Pocket so much! When I was little the big ones were just coming in but as "Fashion Pollys" - such a shame they've dropped the mini ones :( I remember having a mobile phone that folded out into two little rooms with a garden in between, a pink tour bus and a green locket... sort of thing? Ah you've got me reminiscing now!

  5. @Phya and Claire: Hi there! So true. It's quite the pleasant surprise to come across toys like these in your closet. Haha! :) The new ones are kind of sucky already, so it's sad that kids these days don't get to play with the awesome-er version of Polly Pocket!

    Thanks for visiting, btw! :)

  6. OMG this post made me kilig! I miss polly pockets! Too bad I wasnt able to keep mine:( Love your collection!:)

  7. @Aisa: Haha! Awww, I'm glad a lot of girls started reminiscing when they saw this post! :) Polly Pockets were the best. :D Thanks for visiting, btw!

  8. I never owned a polly pocket kasi ang mahal. My parents can't afford it plus its not practical to get one. I remember nakikihiram lang ako sa school noong elementary. But its good that you have these. Its a childhood treasure. :)

  9. Hi, Anne! Aww. I got to have these toys due to birthdays and relatives from abroad. :) They are quite the treasure. Can't replace toys like these! :)

    And yes, I will check your blog! :) Thanks for dropping by!

  10. OMG, I wiah I kept mine! this post makes me want to start collecting again haha love your collection. I'm a fan of your photography skills..the way you photograph your products on multiply is amazing..any tips? haha


  11. Hey, Daphne! :) I loooove that so many girls can relate to Polly Pocket! Heeee, oh, childhood.

    Aw, thanks! I guess the best advice I can give you is to work with natural daylight. It's the best e. Flash just kinda makes things so-so, even though it's necessary sometimes. :"> I just love natural daylight!

  12. Hello!! Love your photos! but i was definitely amazed with your polly pocket collection. Do let me know if u wanna sell them haha. :)


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