Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some days, I make logos.

My brother and his friends are soon going to launch their classic university hoodies business. You know-- those really comfy, gray pullover jackets without zippers, with pockets in front for shoving your hands in when it's cold, with the name of your alma mater printed in letterman jacket font across your chest. *sighs dreamily*

So if you're from Ateneo, you're lucky because they're producing ADMU hoodies first. UP and DLSU hoodies will be produced later on, I think, and I actually do have a picture of the prototype, but the color is off and isn't the gray shade he wanted. Otherwise, though, the material's awesome and I can't wait to get my hands on one! 

He asked me to help out with coming up with logo schemes for their brand--it's called Booster--which will be stitched onto the inner neckline of the jacket (the way all our clothes' brands are). 

I downloaded some university fonts for the first three; I call them the classic logos, because they're all basically just the name of the brand, straight to the point and...well, classic. 

The latter three are more creative, hee! The first one's basically a play of the circle, with all other vertical letters just adjusting to the curves; the second is my favorite, because it's basically a stick figure person stretching his arms up to 'boost' what should be a dumbell of sorts; and the third is just a very fat B. 
See how pretty and comfy-looking!
The print.
...So if you're the type who has those lazy dress-up days to school, or the type who's been looking for the perfect school hoodie for the perfect rainy day, here it is! Make sure to order one when they've officially launched their business! :D

...AND, if you're in need of a logo or anything, we can talk it over. I'm willing to work on design services! Hahaha. *shameless plugging* Heck, if I didn't push through with architecture, I would have been doing this as a career anyway. :D


  1. Hey, Dana! *cheers* I'm secretly blue-blooded, I think, but I bleed maroon. *WOOT*

    Thanks for visiting! :)

  2. aren't fonts the best.. They speak loudly. love your work. Carla

  3. These are great. I love it! :) And you should definitely get a bottle of the spot remover. Hehe.

  4. @Carla: Thanks again for dropping by! And yes, fonts indeed are the best. :)

    @WonderWoman: Aww thanks! Believe me, I'm thinking about it. But because I have no major stains to clean at the moment, I'll delay the purchase of the spot remover. :)) But definitely ordering and trying it out when that day comes!


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