Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY Denim Shorts

Whaddaya know, I did a DIY project this sembreak! YAY. *productive* 

It wasn't so creative because all I did was cut out these long shorts I had (which, in the past, I had cut  already by the professional sastre (tailor), and yet today they still seemed very long) with heavy-duty scissors. I was planning on bleaching them, too, but then thought, "Mehhhh, I'm not one to wear bleachy-type clothing!", so I cancelled that plan and was content with this simple but fresh output. :) 

The first cut. I tried them on, thought they were kinda okay, buuuuuuuut I still wasn't satisfied.
The fringes aren't so distinct yet, but another blog I googled did say that they'd be better after the first wash.
The final length. Made the cut curve towards the outer side, and whaddaya know, they looked better when I tried them on.
These are the leftovers. I wonder what I can do with them - any suggestions? 
When worn. HIHI. YAAAAAAY.
Totally perfect for the beach, methinks. I should have done this a year ago during summer to bring to Bora! OR at least last summer to Palawan. Hay.
BTW, the loose feather shirt is from The Only Ukay Queen (it's my ultimate beach/weekend shirt) and that's the old pair of shorts revamped. Hihi. Gonna work on those fringes! 

I never thought DIY projects were so fulfilling; this certainly was, and all I did was shorten my shorts. Haha! I've been eyeing doing something related to Miu Miu's swallow silhouette patterns on an old shirt or skirt, but I don't want to paint the swallows in for fear of committing a mistake. I wanna print them and use transfer paper the way other girls do abroad on their blogs, but I don't know where to find such paper here. *sigh* But oh, well. :)

Tomorrow's officially enrollment for what is hopefully my last semester of university; I hope it goes well! 


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