Saturday, October 22, 2011

Red velvet cupcakes tonight!

OH, red velvet cupcakes.

I love them, I do. They're my sweet fixation for the year, and it's extremely lucky of me that I have two friends who can whip up a batch of them extremely well. These cupcakes in the pictures below were made by Mariel, and while the batch that she made this time was for my other friend, she allowed me to drop by tonight and have four all to myself! :D 

As celebration for the long-awaited sembreak, I think I'll be baking some next week. YAY. I'm only just awaiting the recipe from my friend to arrive, and I'll be off to the grocery to get the ingredients. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY. 


  1. I'd love to bake some of those too! that looks so yummy Carla! :)

  2. They are! Haha! I can actually have four cupcakes in a day, which I KNOW isn't a good thing. Haha! :)

  3. Looks yummy! Lucky you! thanks for sharing Carla! :P

  4. Haha! Indeed, lucky me! I said I'd bake these this week, but the idea seems bleak! So many things to do, so little time! Huuuu. :(

    Thanks for visiting, Daphne! :)


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