Friday, October 21, 2011

Plethora Shop's First Giveaway Launched!

YAY! It's finally launched! Click the image below to see the prizes she's going to give away, and don't forget to join! If I could join, I would. Hee. The items are really, really pretty. <3

Among other things, mom and I are going to have a garage sale next Saturday. She has enlisted me to work on the posters and sort out the things to sell next week. It felt quite odd to be writing on cartolina with a black marker again after so long; it seemed that the activity was something restricted for elementary and high school, when you had to write on cartolina the traditional way for presentations and reports. Oh, the good ol' days! 

It felt nice having to write out such huge block letters; for an hour or so, I felt like a freshie student drafting. :)

But things have to progress (hello, trusty  Powerpoint!), and as such, I finally enlisted the expertise of My Sweet Shoppe to revamp the look of Carla's Closet. AND IT'S SO PRETTY. <3 Simple and very elegant, methinks. :) I do hope someone finally buys something from the sixth pile, though I do know girls nowadays would rather purchase in-style, floral-printed clothing. Hee. *crosses fingers*

So pretty <3


  1. Hi sis, great giveaway . Thanks for sharing this. Hope you could join my giveaway too. It will end on Oct 25. Thanks sis

  2. Thanks for visiting! I'll check that out! :)


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