Monday, September 26, 2011

Destination: Singapore, Garden City

I've never been to Singapore. I want to, though, if only to satiate my thirst for tourism, architecturally speaking. This project, particularly, I really, really want to see once it's completed. It's called Gardens by the Bay, funded by the National Parks Board of Singapore (government-funded, my word!), which completes and solidifies Singapore's reputation as a Garden City. This project is especially endearing because my thesis is closely related to this and essentially functions the same way (except, that is, mine functions as part of a zoo by Manila Bay). Ah, LOVE. 



This video makes me remember how much love and detail is put into creating beautiful and unique places. This inspires me, and makes my heart thump, and reminds me how I love the art of place-making. T^T

Oh, architecture. Why do we have a relationship based on love and hate? 

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