Sunday, March 24, 2013

On Postcards and Postcrossing

I've recently gotten into the hobby of collecting postcards and sending them out to random people living all over the world. It's a wonderful means to make simple connections with other people doing the same thing, writing them random thoughts or tidbits of information about the city I live in, or explaining why I chose a certain postcard for them to receive. I've sent some out to Belarus, Russia, China and Poland, and in return I've gotten beautiful postcards from Finland, Spain, Ukraine and Germany. Now every time I go collect mail from the mailbox, there's always the wonderful possibility of receiving another postcard from a country. It's made the simple task of mail collecting exciting!

Some postcards I've sent out have come from this wonderful collection from one of my favorite local photographers, Aleyn, who's called this set of photo postcards "Windswept Letters". This beautiful package came in the mail by the time I arrived in Manila, and unwrapping it was such a delight.

Most if not all of these postcards have found themselves in far-flung parts of Europe, and now I have about one or two to keep for myself, if I don't intend to send them out in the future. 

In any case, my postcard collection has grown to seventeen beautiful postcards! Soon I'll post some snapshots of them, some gorgeous, some quirky, some with very cool stamps and more. 

Windswept Letters can be purchased from Aleyn Comprendio

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