Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rainy Sunday Indoors

Weekends have never been more blessed until I started working. Much like any normal person, I look forward to the comfortable lull of Saturday and Sunday and the happy art of taking my time with the things I do. On a regular sunny weekend, I'd make sure not to waste the weather and head on to a new place to explore in the city, but this recent weekend has been spent indoors, watching the rain fall and feeling conflicted as to whether or not I should go out despite the dreary and incredibly lazy weather. 

So this Sunday I took pictures of my little space and our humble room, not even bothering to whip out Duccio in such lazy weather and relying instead on my phone. I've been sifting through the latest issue of frankie, a magazine frequently mentioned by some blogs I follow, and which I decided to buy. It's a quaint magazine, so neatly designed and so fresh that I'm quite determined to buy all the next issues this year.

Today I wrote out lists on what to do when I visit Manila in February - much to do with developing film rolls and compiling a photo book of recent happenings - and whiled the afternoon away listening to Up Dharma Down's Capacities album, the perfect sort of music to be playing on a rainy day. Days like these are absolute love. J'adore!

*The books by my bed, and Freya the French bunny, but came all the way from Korea
*The picture that hangs by my bed
*One of the articles in frankie, which suits my mood and the state of my bed
*Shoes and Duccio
*The snapshots that are stuck to the wall above my roommate's bed


  1. Love these photos <3 I love Frankie so much! You should also check out Little Thing Magazine :)

    1. Thanks, Chai!

      Thanks to you and Allie, every time I was in Kinokuniya, I found myself debating whether or not I should get frankie. Thankfully I gave in last weekend and I don't regret it at all! :D Will check that magazine out too!

      And hey, if you find yourself wanting a Japanese magazine or what have you, it'll most likely be in that bookstore, so just give me a heads up! I can get it for you. :) I spotted Vivi last Saturday and remembered you like that mag!

  2. Hi Carla! I love your sheets! <3 And yay Frankie! I'm still too El Cheapo to buy the actual magazine but I've been keeping up with it on iBooks! Everything's always so lovely. :)

    1. Hey, Allie! Yay! I love my sheets too! Haha! I actually bought 2 sets of the exact same design because they were just so pretty *_*

      Yes, frankie! I still can't believe I bought this mag even if it costs as much as a book, but ahhhh, it's so pretty. <3 Thanks for introducing this to me!

  3. Hey Carla, thanks for passing by :) I really like your blog, it seems you're good at photography and you have lots of followers ^_^ I know Hana Yori Dango, but honestly I've never been into dramas, I just heard the song in a TOP 10 JPOP songs from a YT user. And yeah, I saw your posts from your trip to Korea, looks so cool^^ I'd love to visit Singapore too by the time I go there, hope I can get cheap flights!

    Hope you get your postcard soon ^_^ Take care!

    1. Hi, Claudia!

      Thanks so much for dropping by my teeny blog.
      Yes, you should drop by Singapore when you can! I read you'll be studying in Korea soon anyway, and while Singapore's about seven hours away from Korea, it isn't too bad of a trip for the weekend! :)

      Hope you get your card as well! It's on its way! :)

  4. I like the Provance book.
    I am a fan of this French region and its cuisine and often cook things that are taken from the Provance cook book I own.
    I also have visited Paris three times so far and hope for more visits in the future. The atmosphere there is just great.

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by! I absolutely adore Peter Mayle's books about the region! It sounds so beautiful and so rich, the way he writes about Provence. One day I'm hoping to plan a visit to France once more, perhaps skipping Paris this time and heading down south. :D


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