Saturday, January 12, 2013

From Korea With Love, 2/2

A late happy new year to you, reader! I hope 2013 started off well for you and will sustain its awesomeness for the next twelve months. 

As a girl from the tropics, never having grown up experiencing winter, one can only imagine the effect snow has upon me and the rest of us who only knew perpetual summers and monsoons. It's absolute magic

These were taken in Nami Island, made most famous by that famous Korean drama, Winter Sonata. Hee. It's supposed to be beautiful no matter what season it is - which isn't too hard to believe because it looked amazing in that drama and to think that they first shot scenes in the autumn! 

In any case, I still can't believe I got to go to this beautiful country last December. Now it's January and I'm too immersed yet again in a charming drama so much so that I'm thinking of going back to Korea much sooner than I originally intended. Ehehehe. I thought I escaped it, but I suppose I'll always be riding this hallyu / Korean wave no matter what. 

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