Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life So Far

Happy November, everyone!

October's been a pretty hectic month, and much of November is shaping up to be the same crazy month. While I was able to go home for the last long weekend of October - such a fine weekend that turned out to be, and Manila will always be the coziest spot in the world for me - I have many travel-y things to look forward to: a wintry trip to Seoul, Christmas back home, and the grandeur of Borobodur and Prambanan on my next birthday weekend (YAY for promo fares!). I'm so happy that though much of my travels plans for 2012 drastically changed in the last six months, it's brought on so many new adventures!

Today there was a bookstore expo sale, and in my effort to solidly and seriously invest in near-future travels, I bought five travel guide books. Now you know where I'm planning to go in the next year or so! :D

And just because the going there is as essential as the being there, here's a lovely quote from the Travel section of my new Quotations for Occasions book:


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