Thursday, October 11, 2012

To the Zoo We Go!

Good evening, world!

Le awesome birthday month has just passed, and the awesome-est weekend I've ever had in so long has been over for two weeks now. My family came over for four days, and my boyfriend too!

On the 29th of September, I spent the morning and half of the afternoon celebrating a super wild birthday at the Singapore Zoo. My undergraduate thesis was a zoo if you remember, so finally visiting one of the best zoos in the world was such a special treat! (Tip: if you happen to go on the day of your birthday, you get in for free and you receive complimentary ice cream! Just show proof of your birth date and you get a pin like I have below!) I got to see a kangaroo, a leopard, baboon, ibex, emu, lion, zebra, anaconda, seal, manatee, really huge tortoises, white tiger, jaguar, orangutans, and sooooooo many more animals you wouldn't get to see back home. I got to feed a huge seventy year old tortoise apples and carrots to a giraffe!

I had about three cameras with me, and halfway through the zoo, I decided to forego Duccio and stick to Coco (le new phone, teehee!).

I'd post more pictures if I could, but ah, well. These should be enough. 

You would think that a zoo is typically marketed towards children, but do treat your inner child and visit Singapore Zoo - it's worth it and fun, really, even for grown-ups! ;)


  1. Never been to the zoo, and never saw you this close before. :)


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