Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving Out

Today I moved out of my dorm. I won't deny that it's been my cozy spot up north, and seeing my space empty and devoid of any memory that I had been there for the last five years was sad. :( I already miss my bunk bed even though it hasn't got the softest mattress, my always-creaking cabinet, my shelves that serve as my ladder, and the blank wall I stuck post-its, inspirational quotes and photos on. 

But alas, college is almost done and I can't help but remember what the priest said one Wednesday mass - that this is a train stop I've been in for the last few years and it is time once again to board the train for the next destination. What and where it will be I don't know for sure, but leaving this stop will leave quite the bittersweet mark. 

On the bright side I've begun organizing my stuff at home, starting with the architecture books and magazines I've collected over the years. I'm having a new shelf made with the remaining plywood from my thesis model, and wondering just how many plastic containers I need to buy soon. Plastic containers excite me the way new notebooks do, and I can't wait to move back into a cleaner, more organized bedroom! :) 

The last few photos are basically just happy additions to this post. My brother ordered frozen brazo from my good friend Carissa and when I picked it up, she whipped up a batch of this lovely pastry which was basically a cross between a brownie and a... cupcake? I'm not sure at all, but she did give me a sample and it had such a yummy peanut butter-y center, hihi. :D

Anyway, I'm off to pack for what is hopefully not a rainy trip out of town with friends tomorrow! I'm crossing my fingers that weather forecasts are in the wrong, and that the beach shall not be so rainy. 


  1. I suddenly have a rush of sadness seeing your empty space. :( The last of the original 415ers has left the building. I took pics of the dorm as I left in my phone, it's a pic of my empty space yet I can still clearly imagine it with all my clutter.

    Now I'm nostalgic (and kinda senti)!

  2. awwwwwwww happy moving out carla :D cheers to the next place you're staying *winksingaporewink*


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