Saturday, March 31, 2012

Juicy Trip: Down South 1/2

My closest college friends and I had gone out of town together for a couple of days this week in celebration of almost-summer and graduation. We had never been complete on a trip out of the city, so this was such a happy first for all of us! Hopefully it isn't the last!

En route to the first stop (Tagaytay City), we chose to kill time in Nuvali, the newest township project of AyalaLand south of the city. We fed their hungry and desperate koi fish in their lake, all the while thinking that it was creepy seeing them swim towards the food in a mob and squeezing each other out to get to the food! We also went on a boat for a short ride around the lake where we got to see a refreshing perspective from the water of the EvoLiving Center designed by LV Locsin's firm. (You don't see it in this view, but it has a green roof you can see from the road.) It's one of my favorite buildings in the country, so seeing it once again was such a happy treat. :)

While the weather was just right in Laguna, we arrived to a cloudy Tagaytay. It was wonderful weather, really, very Baguio-esque, and we took pictures in the playground near my friend's rest house and generally enjoyed trolling around until it began to rain. The next day was to be spent in Batangas, and we hoped that while the rain was welcome and the cold weather was a plus, Batangas would instead bring lots of sun for the beach! 

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