Thursday, December 22, 2011

Le Christmas Wishlist

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Here's a rather gay-with-all-those-hearts and happy wishlist I have for this Christmas:

Washi tape! 
I've heard it's only available in Heima, but I do know you can order it in Multiply as well (I know; I've searched. HAHA!). 
That photo is from Fikafikafika, which, btw, is such a delightful store.
A Fuji Instax camera.
More red velvet cupcakes!
Ala-riding shoes from Ichigo.
A cute leather log purse from Ichigo. Two lovely bags received this season, yay!
A geometric necklace from Wear Mauve
(Heaven knows how I've been going back again and again to that store!)
A pleated midi skirt! 
That picture is from Chick Flick, btw.

I really want those washi tapes. They're so adorable, fufufu. :3 
I think they retail for PHP150 in stores, but it's cheaper online by PHP50. Still, though, if you include shipping, I suppose it's still the same price. Point is, I WANT THEEEEEEM. *sigh* So if you've got spare change in your pocket and are feeling nice, do give me one roll. HAHA! *facepalm*

Anywho, if you still haven't joined, join my giveaway before it's too late!
If you haven't done your charitable part, donate and help Typhoon Sendong victims in Mindanao.


  1. the only things I could get you are the cupcakes and the post cards! :))

    speaking of which, I saw paris themed stuff on 168 which are really pretty and screams you D: (notebooks and post it sets)...I was thinking of getting you those too, but I figured you might have been bored with them na

  2. I will never get bored with stationery!!!! HAHA! Pero oks lang, Mer. Next time, next time. :))

    Thanks for dropping by! :D


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