Sunday, November 6, 2011

To San Pablo and back!

Basically just a photo summary of today's activities, which turned out to be really, really awesome!

We had a spontaneous food trip to this quaint little place somewhere in San Pablo, Laguna, called Patis Tito Garden Cafe. It's owned by the couple, Patis and Tito Tesoro; it's basically their rest house located south of the city. It's been theirs for about twenty-five years, and now they have a restaurant open to the public. And since having had the opportunity to visit my friend's grandparents' wonderfully personalized home, this has got to be the latest most unique place I've visited!. Hee. :)

This was from last night. YAY, red velvet. Fufufu.
Yes, I have a red velvet cupcake fixation. 
Mrs. Tesoro was there when we came, and she was the nicest lady! She sat with us in our table the whole time telling us all about her busybee activities and her love for gardening, dogs and bamboo. This is her calling card, and in capital letters, she refers to herself as first and foremost an environmentalist.
The lovely couple who own the precious rest house and resto. :) And yes, they're the same Tesoros who own that barong and antique store.
Excuse the architectural details pictures. Hee. But these are made of marine plywood, which she had done in her own shop! She's awesome.
The pretty detail of the place mat.
The cute ornament that greets you upon entering.
There are basically more pictures under the cut, as I could not not post more than ten pictures in this entry. Haha! Meanwhile, you can read more about this wonderful place in the Inquirer and like their page on Facebook.

She loves the shade and says she rather dislikes the sun. So when she can, she plants and plants and plants.
The food they served us was apparently not in the regular menu! *feels special* This was a salad with chicken and tilapia! So yummy.
This was a sort of chicken curry - I think the herbs in the meal came from her own garden! Again, so yummy :)
A customized bouillabaisse! It was a bouillabaisse-slash-tom-yum soup, and as a person who revels in the awesomeness of the invention of soup, this was the BEST.
They had lots of birds in their garden (she collects them too). This parrot unfortunately is sick in the head. :( But he did keep cawing every now and then.
I love taking pictures of Buddhas. This one looked very at home in her garden!
She grows bamboo! I think this is what they call black bamboo - a very sturdy type of the grass!
In their private residence was a collection of eclectic and antique furniture. These pillows were amusing!
And who doesn't love antique telephones?
The lamp details!
And a happier Buddha! 
Later on, my dad's friend brought us to this house that sold what was apparently the best sansrival in Laguna, and we bought half a sansrival to take home. It was quite the tiring day, but all in all, I'm rather thankful that we were dragged to Laguna despite the rainy weather, because this was an excellent way to spend the last Sunday of sembreak! :)


  1. hello! loved ur pics here(and ur whole blog, actually)! talking about buddhas, im still searching for that perfect one i can put in my room lol

  2. HEY, Dudes! :D Thanks for dropping by! LOL Buddha in your bedroom, weird!


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