Sunday, November 6, 2011

a cupcake-y Saturday night.

Last Saturday night was the monthly dinner my high school friends and I now regularly have, and we have successfully carried on the tradition for three consecutive months now. YAAAAAY. This time, we wanted to get out of the comforts of the normal places we went to, and decided on going to Serendra for a change. (We weren't as complete as the first dinner, though, but ah, well.) We had dinner at Zao for some good Vietnamese food (but I do think that Pho Hoa's a teeny bit better and cheaper, definitely), and then had cupcakes for dessert. I do apologize for the cupcake photo spam; I just find the store (and obviously the cupcakes) so cute and colorful. :D

A portion of the wall in our backyard, slowly consumed by the vines.
One of my recent and favorite purchases from Greenhills - a black bubble dress with quirky trees, birds and cathedrals on it!
A very nice painting in my friend Mariel's house, which I took a picture of while waiting for her to come down.
Our names written in strips of paper for Kris Kringle during our annual Christmas dinner.
Peppermint Patty cupcakes! I had one and it was awesome (but the icing later on became too sweet to handle). I bought another one, a red velvet cupcake this time, to take home. See previous post ;)
The cupcake counter at Cupcakes by Sonja. So colorful and happy!
It's still Halloween over there. :/ But look at the pretty floral wallpaper in the store! I love their interiors.
Another shot of the cupcakes, fufufu.
It's a cute store, definitely, but I won't deny I prefer my friends' cupcakes more. Their red velvet turned out to be a bit too dry :( But the icing was superb!


  1. Omg ! ALL THESE CUPCAKES ! It's like heaven for me !
    I love your pictures great quality !


  2. Hi, Marouane! :-) the cupcake store is such a cute dainty place too! Haha! I love cupcakes, heeeeee.

    Thank you for visiting!

  3. lovely cupcakes!! makes me hungry :)

    anyways, im having a giveaway on my blog,
    hope you can join :)

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  4. Hi there, Rovie! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  5. I'm craving haha I love Sonja's. The photographs gave justice to the store and cupcakes. Thanks for sharing. Lovely blog :)


  6. Haha! Yeah, I'm craving for a cupcake now too. Thanks again for visiting, Daphne!

  7. My fave is the last one.. Berry strawberry something.. Yummy.. I suddenly miss Manila.

  8. Really? Haha! It does look good! But my favorite stands to be red velvets in general :D

    Thanks for visiting!

    You're a wedding photographer pala? What a lovely job!

  9. Ah yum! :) Great photos!

    btw, please join my blog giveaway:)


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