Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Post-birthday post: on shoes, cookies and bags

What I'm hoping is the final thesis submission for this semester is done and finished (whew!) and I have overcome the very spontaneous pre-deliberations with nothing close to flying colors. But I would like to say it went well, and I'm only hoping I do 100483288238138x better next semester! I'm recharged from a good twelve-hour sleep last night, and I can finally set aside a few minutes for blogging (the purpose of which is to plug awesome online stores) before I go on to study for two more exams tomorrow. *cheers*

My birthday has come and gone, quietly and happily. This year I had contemplated on asking for an iPod (my first generation nano had died earlier this year; if it turned on, its battery drained completely at one swirl around the circular navigation thing that the classic iPods had). That eventually went down the drain, because I didn't want my parents spending too much on me after getting me a better replacement cellphone earlier this year for the one I lost last December. 

So I asked for shoes. YAAAAAAAY. 

These cute flats came from Muji, which I plan to use for everyday activities. They're very comfortable, and I had the chance to try them in the rain yesterday; solid fit and durable against water, YAY! :D

These cute aquamarine ones, on the other hand, I ordered from Ziggy and Zooey on Facebook. They've got about ten or twelve colors for this style, and while I can't use them on a rainy day, they're an awesome fit for a ton of outfits. WOOOOOOOT. The sellers were also very nice and accommodating; I was eight pesos short of the total payment (memory fail!), but they didn't mind. :) So awesome.

My friend Carissa came by on Sunday to drop off the red velvet cupcakes ordered by my roommate (a note to the reader: she makes awesome cupcakes and brazo de mercedes, so should you want to order a certain baked item, feel free to contact me :D), and to my surprise, she brought me cookies for my birthday gift. YAAAAAY.

She kept them in this cute paper bag, with a birthday note that reminded me that I've been friends with her since the age of fourteen. FOURTEEN! We're almost near a decade of friendship, Caddy. :)

Finally, this bag here came from one of my favorite bag shops online, Izzo Shop. Last summer I finally bought a camera bag for Duccio, and for my birthday, Joseph bought this pretty laptop tote. It might come off as a bit too simple for others' tastes, but I suppose simplicity and reliability are the reasons why the Longchamp bags are so popular today - hence my soft spot for this bag from Izzo. Hee. :> 

There's a pretty print in the interiors of the bag, somewhat reminiscent of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh illustrations, and I love that should the time come, I can fit in my laptop into this bag. Heeee. 

Happy happy. And now, off to work. 


  1. I love the way you photographed the cookies. Thanks so much for plugging my little business and for spreading the word among your friends. I've been kitchen testing and conceptualizing packaging these past few days in hopes of expanding. :)

    Now I have to think about logos and designs? Do you have any advice on typeface and fonts and things like that? :)

  2. Hey, Carissa! I don't actually really advertise until they start asking about it days later. Haha! I brought the cookies to school during the delibs for thesis, so while we were waiting, I was passing them around. That was on a Tuesday. Theeeeeen my friend asked about the cookies on Friday. HIHI! The cookies speak for themselves, methinks. :D


    As for the logo, I'd love to help you out. I say go simple but cute. I'm all for minimalism, so I prefer simple but cute logos. Haha! :D


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