Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Random Dream: Wedding Photography

A few days ago, I tweeted about my wanting to be a wedding photographer. Heh. :D

...Random (and I'm totally procrastinating), yes, but this was after revisiting Nelwin Uy's weblog, this awesome wedding photographer based here in the Philippines who shot celebrities Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto's January (or was it March?) prenup photo shoot in Subic. The pictures were *GUH* amazing, but his awesomeness didn't stop there, because once you check out his portfolio, there is a huge list of his clients' individual shoots, some shot here and abroad, in theme parks, in beautiful cities, in tropical islands and high-end malls.

My favorite ones out of the bunch were the shoots he did in Enchanted Kingdom (Enchanted Kingdom! What are the odds?), in Tokyo, Bangkok and Paris. (I'd put the pictures here after cropping them from Photoshop, but they're copyrighted and essentially unsave-able from his blog unless you print screen it, hence these screenshots instead. That, and I don't want to offend him and anyway it's amazing to just go to the actual pages and experience the beauty yourselves!)

Why I like this Bangkok set is basically because of that picture of the couple on the river market so typical of that region (Cambodia, Vietnam, what have you!). Mr. Uy makes the place so romantic. 

Paris is the city of love (and the Eiffel)! FOREVER. Enough said. But yeah, I am kinda biased. 
If my heaven were a city, it would be Paris.
That, and he shot these beautifully with film! 


When you click on the link to this shoot, this is the first photo of the set. It's the couple running, blurred against a colorful, drawn background. The next shot, meanwhile, is the couple, standing still in the midst of blurred Tokyo street crowds. (He's so awesome, UUUUGGGHHH.) *must try style soon!*

Enchanted Kingdom
This is part of the set because EK, apparently, is a beautiful place to shoot romantic photos in when it's not jam-packed with hordes of tourists and weekenders. 

Yeah, I've looked through his stuff lots of times, and it makes me wonder if I should change career paths one day after I've had enough of buildings and beautiful houses. He's got my dream life! He's a photographer who travels who takes wedding pictures for a living. (Oh, the dream.) If I should be so lucky one day, I would be very happy indeed. If not, then... I shall hire him instead. :D

New header, btw. YAY. I think it's cooler.


  1. ahhh i love weddings!! if i had my way, i'd totally do wedding planning or engagement styling.

    i went through your photography portfolio, btw. you take really great pictures! :)

    boat ride through the sky

  2. Gela: OOOHYEAH! I also daydreamed once of being an events planner, for debuts mainly. Haha! :D

    THANK YOU! I'm flattered. :D Thanks for coming by, btw!

  3. Nelson Uy is a genius to be able to capture those moments on camera. I guess part of being a good photographer is to capture the "right" moment and the emotions of the subjects through various elements and themes of the pictures, and he does it perfectly...truly amazing. :)

    truly amazing carla :)

  4. Hey, Merri!

    He totally is. He's living the life! :D

    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. anytime carla <3

    I love your blog because it shows the real you and then some :)

  6. Aah! I love weddings as much as you do! The photos are AMAZINGGGG. thank you for introducing me to his blog ;)

  7. *sigh* dream job lang talaga. Haha! :) No prob, dear!


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