Saturday, April 13, 2013

City Adventure: Waves in the Air

On Easter Sunday, I decided to take Duccio with me and go on a mini-adventure out in the city. The original plan was to check out the beaches of Sentosa (coming from a country that was used to beach vacations at least twice a year made me miss the sea, ehehehehe), but I ended up doing a mini-hike instead.

...And I arrived up there.

The picture I took with my phone the moment I got down the bus and my mouth fell when I saw how high up it was! 

Yup, that right there is  the highest pedestrian bridge in this tiny country of Singapore. It connects two nature parks, namely Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park, and is 36 meters high up in the air. It's called the Henderson Waves, a modern-day wooden bridge that is just gorgeous and fortunately empty of people at midday. If it weren't so hot and if I weren't feeling hungry for lunch at the time, I might have stayed longer, read a book and enjoyed the general quiet and ambience that the bridge has when you're there. You see rising, crazy-formed condominium developments in the distance, and maybe a little bit of the sea, and lots and lots of green from both parks. It's quite nice, really, and if it just wasn't so far from where I live, I would have made it a habit to go up every weekend or so.

The walk isn't too bad going up, to be honest, but I suppose it took me by surprise that it was just there, hanging high up over the road where the bus stop was, seemingly impossible to reach because there was no arrow pointing to where the entrance to the park was. All it took was blind faith and lots of self-convincing to forge ahead. I'm glad I didn't turn back!

Next time, though, I'm bringing a water bottle on all my mini adventures. Note to self: be prepared!


  1. Wow, those shots look great :D I'd love to go to sentosa someday, I've heard it's one of the best parts of Singapore! It seems you had a lovely day :) Take care, Carla!


    1. Hi, Claudia! :) This was actually just a bit outside of Sentosa, but it's very near! :) Oooooh, if you do find yourself visiting Singapore this year, I'd love to show you around! Cheers!


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