Monday, April 9, 2012

April Book List

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope your Sunday's been well as mine has been. 

Yesterday I bought two new books to add to my shelf. Local bookstores have happily been on sale since March, and we took advantage. I was given the opportunity by my dad to choose anything I wanted, and I naturally gravitated towards the architecture books sections, resisting the urge to grab a design book of houses for a roaring price of multiple thousands (because it sucks, y'know, that architecture books are just so darn expensive). In the first bookstore, I grabbed Why We Broke Up on the best-seller stand; in the next one, I took to the design shelves and pulled out this book on the Art Nouveau movement.

Today I'm somewhere in between a towel with coffee ringlets and an umbrella in Min's things and thoughts, and run-on sentences in a book have never been more beautiful.

The days were all day every day, get a grade, take a note, put something on, put somebody down, cut open a frog, and see if it's like this picture of a frog cut open. But at night, the nights were you, finally on the phone with you, Ed, my happy thing, the best part.

...And that may possibly be one of the happier things Min said in Why We Broke Up.


  1. I need that book on the right in my life!!!

    1. HAHA! It's quite the read. Depressing in some parts, but mostly nicely put together. :>

  2. Hey Dudes has that book! It looks so pretty. Obviously I haven't read it since I'm describing it as pretty.But the pictures really are haha

    1. Yeah, he does! I read about it somewhere, then he mentioned it once when he was asking about "A Lover's Dictionary". It's quite a beautiful, melancholic read. HAHA!


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