Monday, March 12, 2012

Vivere, Part 2/2

Joseph and I went out for dinner at Vivere's Sky Lounge last Saturday in Filinvest, Alabang. He researched on noteworthy places to go to in the area (particularly those with a great view) and reserved a table for us  in this restaurant early on. This was, after all, in celebration of The Big Day. :)

Aside from Mona Lisa, this was probably the fanciest place we'd ever gone to; normally, we like simple places (fast-food chains, for example), and if not simple, anonymous places that offered sort-of-exotic cuisines like Indian (Raaz Mahal in BF) and Korean (Bulgogi Brothers being our most recent favorite!). 

We had a table right by the view, where you could see the expanse of Alabang and the Makati skyline in the distance. You could see a picturesque scene of Laguna de Bay, and the silhouettes of the Antipolo mountains across the water. There was a defunct infinity pool by the al fresco dining - I say defunct because it really used to be a swimming pool, but because of the wind, there was that risk of slipping and other hazards.

The wind was exceptionally strong so we made the right decision of having ourselves relocated to a table indoors. Otherwise, dinner may have been a disaster, what with all that crazy wind!

The food was very good. It was undoubtedly expensive, but we agreed that what we were generally paying for were the view and the fact that this was still a restaurant in a hotel. We didn't necessarily order the chef's recommendations apart from the wonderful minestrone soup, but oh, the gambas was just delicious (that, or I really just love gambas in general) and the salpicao was juicy. :3 The complementary bread came with dried pita crackers and a garlic mayo dip, and that managed to satiate our appetites while waiting for the entrees to come. 

At the end of the night we were happy and full, and while we aren't going to go back anytime soon (the woes of we who stick to affordability), it was definitely a most wonderful treat for ourselves. :)

The Sky Lounge is located on the 31st floor of Vivere Suites, 5102 Bridgeway Avenue, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila. To reserve tables in advance, call  771-7777.


  1. Are you from the South? Have you tried Bona Coffee? It's a quaint little coffee place somewhere in BF, if I remember correctly. I really like that place.

    Anddd, is it okay if I make a tiny tiny suggestion for your blog? It'd be better if you keep it at 2 posts per page. Your entries (and blog design) are pretty image-heavy, so it takes me quite a while to load everything. Which is a shame since I've always wanted to browse your blog but am never able to.

    1. Sorry about that! :) Fixed. Thanks for bringing that up. I think I got used to it loading easily for me, but forgot that it might not be the case for first-time visitors.

      I replied on your blog about this, but: Yes, I'm from the happy South! :) Hee. Bona Coffee is wonderful. I've only been to the Westgate branch, but I have to agree that it's a refreshing alternative to Starbucks or CBTL. I love their chai tea latte. :)

  2. <3


    I love your new layout! When you're bored and having nothing to do (or if you want to be a wonderful friend and give me a gift for my birthday), can you make me a layout? :D

    1. Ahihihi. :D

      Thanks, thanks! Sure, when April rolls in. Haha!


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