Saturday, March 3, 2012

Recesky Gakken TLR Camera

Joseph came by in my part of Manila on Saturday as a post-Valentine's treat for the both of us. I didn't get to see him for almost three weeks, and when I did get to finally hang out with him, he brought along these treats! Chocolates from his mom, a kitty post-it pad to accompany one that he had given me before (Choo-choo Cat as we like to call the kitty on the pad!), a cellphone charm and his black Recesky camera for me to borrow indefinitely. YAAAAAAY. :3 If you're reading this, thank you! Fufufu. This camera fondly reminds me of my grandfather who had a vintage camera like this in his collection; I only wish I was the one who had the dibs on it when he passed away. ;_;

I used up one roll of film the other day shooting random scenes from our garden (wrongly, I might add, because the frame counter failed to turn, so I didn't know I was wasting two frames for every turn of the knob) and most of the photos I took are dignified and awesome for a first-time TLR user. It's just a matter of mastering that very rigid focus knob. 

Yesterday and today, I shot some pictures in school and in Greenbelt when I was with Joseph, and I'm only hoping they're as okay as the first roll--or better, hopefully. Will be posting them in a separate post once I get to have the film developed, yaaaay. :)

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