Friday, March 9, 2012

Post-February Snippets

Miss Best Thesis sipping her regular dose of milk tea; mani/pedi Juicy bonding with Val; ninth best thesis Valerie; ladylike Kiro
Taboo competition until four in the morning; enjoying the air bed; pink flowers on the trellis outside Lex's house; breakfast food at two in the morning
Serendra skyline; Global City silhouette; the pantone panels of ESB (oh, summer internship, I miss thee); Gabriela Silang along Makati Ave.
Jamba Juice first-timers!

This week was pretty crazy and surreal, and quite full of blessings. Haraya Week was equally surprising as it was humbling, and I got to go to a sleepover at a friend's house where revision plans were cancelled because we played Taboo all night instead. Heh. That, and I tagged along with a couple of friends who were from a different section for the same subject, and we got to experience Ayala Triangle and Jamba Juice in the Fort. I saw the reality of what I was photoshopping colored elevations for/helping with last summer up close, I appreciated just how pretty Bonifacio Global City will be when it's all up and running 100%, and I realized just how much I really adore walking the streets of Makati. All in all it was a pretty hefty week brimming with lots of craziness, chill vibes and good food and tea, and I'm grateful for everything. :) 

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