Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year & Resolutions!

AN ADVANCED HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! Just got home from laser-tagging with the cousins, and am now off to get ready to celebrate my cousin's birthday, and do all sorts of New Year's Eve-y things later on, that I do not want to delay posting this. That, and I'm thinking of going on a blogging hiatus for the duration of January (that's tomorrow!) to focus on thesis and prepare for deliberations happening in February. TUN TUN TUN. 

But, moving on.

In 2011, my goals for the last three hundred and sixty-five days were as follows:
  1. Pass fourth year unscathed. Surprisingly a good year, academically-speaking. 
  2. Get into fifth year with lots of inspiration and drive to do well in thesis.
  3. Have an awesome time doing thesis (because I've heard it kills!).
  4. Have a blast during summer. I worked through most of it, but it was SO much fun. 
  5. Get an internship in a firm this summer. Le awesome! No regrets whatsoever. :)
  6. Earn a bit of cash. And I spent a LOT of that, too. :(
  7. Travel. Palawan, I'm coming back!
  8. Go out of town with friends again!
  9. Gain weight! If you call a pound or two as gaining weight. 
  10. Clear out my closet. Hurrah for that wonderfully lucrative yet exhausting garage sale experience!
  11. Live a healthy lifestyle - good food, exercise, you know. :D
I'm proud of myself because when I look back to this list, I at least accomplished fifty percent of it. 2011 was quite the achievement (even if these victories were most felt in the first half of the year), and I cross my fingers and pray that 2012 will bring greater blessings to me and my loved ones. I am happy I met so many new people this year, and my only regret, perhaps, is having started thesis on the... well, not-so-confident and shaky foot. But I shall tread on and believe.

This 2012, the goals for the next three hundred sixty-five days are to:
  1. GRADUATE. Please lang!
  2. Travel. A lot.
  3. Get a job.
  4. Earn a bit (if I'm lucky, a LOT) of cash.
  5. Go out of town with friends!
  6. Live a healthy lifestyle - food-wise, body-wise, soul-wise. :)
  7. Read more books!
  8. Be nicer to people.
  9. Follow through.
  10. Focus.
  11. Set up a travel fund!
  12. Exercise once or twice a week!
This new year, I pray that I believe in myself more, but at the same time, focus and follow through with whatever I say I'll be doing. No to procrastination and dejection! Eyes on the prize (that is, graduating and the prospect of travel).

And, as what the quote on my yearbook page will say

"The first and great commandment - don't let them scare you." 
Elmer Davis

Once again, a most wonderfully happy new year to you, friend, and God bless you. :)
See you in February/March-ish.
If you need to contact me, e-mail me instead. :) 




  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR CARLA!!! <3 glad to spend my college life with you <3 if ever you find work before me, treat me with lots and lots of CAKE! <3


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