Saturday, October 15, 2011

Love, Plethora.

I joined my first giveaway as a sponsor (YAAAAAAY). Plethora Shop (owned by Christine) is holding its first ever giveaway contest, and I volunteered to be one of its sponsors. I have yet to find out when it's going to be held, but expect it to be real soon. :D She was also kind enough to feature me on her blog! I feel flattered. I hope all these preparations reach tons of viewers, and I hope the giveaway's a success for Plethora Shop, my closet, and the other sponsors! 

Click here to read the entry! :)

Yeah, I think I've firmly decided to re-hype my humble little online stall, and take it somewhat seriously for as much as the rest of my schedule allows me. I'm planning to revamp the site and make it look prettier (I've been eyeing this layout by My Sweet Shoppe), so by next week, expect a cleaner, more professional-looking homepage. :) I'm also going to be re-shooting some of the stuff (the latest collection was unfortunately not spazzed out and marketed as well as I would have wanted, because I was in the middle of thesis muck when I shot them and my mom was basically forcing me to do it for her), and I do hope all this effort is not put to waste! :D

Anyway, with that, I leave you with snippets of pretty products of Plethora Shop, and I do hope you join Christine's first ever giveaway! :D


  1. you're definitely in the right track girl with the new layout and reshooting your products all in plan :) Good luck with your business Carla! :)

  2. Thanks, Christine! :D ooooh I'm so excited for your giveaway!


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