Monday, August 8, 2011

Wardrobe Essentials

I saw this over at Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and thought it was absolutely perfect! Somehow, it's rather appropriate. Simple is always the best way to go. If I could lug around my travel bag all over the world, I'd have these with me.

From A Pair and A Spare, through Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

I have that perfect striped shirt and those black flats. I have the right pair of denim shorts and skinny jeans. I've fitted in one of those red leather jackets, and have had my share of longing for a tan trench coat. I've always wondered how boots would feel like, and yes, I've had my fantasies of wearing killer black heels when I start working. Hihi. I've yet to find the perfect white, lazy button-down shirt.


  1. you can never go wrong with the basics :)...but some of them aren't climate appropriate here, so I'll excuse myself for lacking a bunch of the items on the picture hihihi ;)

  2. @Merri: True. Haha! Pero you never know when you're gonna need a good trenchcoat for travel! Haha! Malay mo rich na tayo, so wala na sa atin ang pagpupunta ng Europe every so often! :))


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